If you are healthy, we can help you stay well.
When you get sick, we can treat you.

More than 20 years ago, a small group of central Vermont residents were having difficulty finding health care or health insurance they could afford. After trying to convince insurance companies to change their offerings and make things affordable, they decided to do something on their own. In March 1994, the People’s Health & Wellness Clinic formally opened its doors to patients — people who had legitimate health care needs, but could not afford health insurance coverage or pay the cost of services out-of-pocket.

Many things have changed since the clinic began, but we’re still here, filling the health care gaps for our central Vermont neighbors. Our core model has remained the same. Using a classic free clinic approach, and emphasizing traditional and alternative (complementary) medicine, a tiny core staff supports a corps of volunteer practitioners and administrative help that numbers more than 120 people.

The clinic has remained flexible and responsive in the ever-changing world of health care reform. While federal and state programs have made health coverage more available, not everyone is eligible for the plans, not everyone can afford them, and not everything is covered. The process for enrollment is confusing, and some people have missed the enrollment deadline or simply given up. That’s why we’re here — to continue providing needed care.

PHWC 2018 Program Statistics

Unduplicated Patients: 484

New Patients: 180

Clinical Visits (seen by provider): 1,190

Dental Hygiene Visits: 212

Dental Referrals: 62

Patient Interactions: 2,374

Enrolled in Insurance/Other Assistance Programs: 105

Vermont Towns Served: 44

Town Appropriations: 23

Paid Clinic Staff: 5

Full-time Equivalents: 3.5

Volunteers: 103

Volunteer Value: $95,000

Diagnostic Testing Paid for: $9,668

Diagnostic Testing Leveraged: $20,066

Donated Pharmaceuticals/Medical Supplies: $69,000