PHWC Staff

Rebecca Goldfinger-Fein, MPH, Executive Director

Nicole Valcour, RN, Nurse Case Manager

Joanne Puente, Oral Health Case Manager

Jodie Murray, Office Manager

Ellen Dunkling, Bookkeeper, Donor Database Manager

Medical Director

Allan Ramsay, MD

Board of Trustees

Susan Gretkowski, Berlin, President
Lucie Garand, Barre Town, Vice President
Sarah Lindberg, East Montpelier, Treasurer
Christina Goodwin, Worcester, Secretary
Ted Allen, East Montpelier
Kenley Freeman, Plainfield
John LePage, Barre City
Kari Little, East Montpelier
Bob Meany, Warren
Debbie Sanguinetti, RN, Berlin
Angela Shea, Montpelier
Rep. Tommy Walz, Barre City

PHWC is always seeking new board members. Here is a brief job description of a board member. If you are interested in serving on the board, please contact us at 802-479-1229.

The board is responsible for determining organization policy, approving the annual budget, establishing the goals of the organization and selecting, employing and evaluating the Executive Director.  They have an overall legal and fiduciary responsibility for the activities of the clinic.

Board members contribute to all clinic fundraising campaigns within their capability to do so.  They also participate actively in the clinic’s fundraising activities.

Board members are advocates for the clinic in their communities.

Board members attend and participate in regularly scheduled meetings of the board.  They also normally serve actively on at least one Board committee.  The three standing committees are Finance and Fundraising, Health and Wellness, and Personnel, Nominating and Bylaws.

Board members are elected to two year terms at the annual meeting in January of each year and may serve up to three consecutive terms.  Interim appointments during the year are made by a vote of the board to fill any vacancies or to add board members up to the by-law limit of twenty.  Members also participate in board recruitment and development.

(This thumbnail description is drawn from a longer document which is available on file at the clinic.)