PHWC Now Offers On-Site Dental Hygiene

We are very pleased to announce that, as of November, 2014, the People’s Health & Wellness Clinic is now providing on-site full dental hygiene services for our patients. In addition to full teeth cleanings, services include periodontal charting (status of teeth and gums), and oral health education.

PHWC believes that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Dentists tell us that most of what they see can be prevented. While access to comprehensive dental care remains a challenge for the uninsured and underinsured, with our new hygiene service, our patients can now get full cleanings and learn to take care of their teeth and avoid more costly and perhaps painful issues later.

Oral health care is key to overall health. Having good teeth and healthy gums leads to better diet and nutrition and avoids infections that can cause extremely serious health conditions. Watch the short video to learn more about our dental hygiene services.

Our hygienist, Samantha (Sam) Petrone, works under a supervisory agreement with a local dentist, Dr. Rick Venmar, long a supporter of the clinic’s work. We are very grateful for his willingness to help in offering this important preventive care to our patients.

So, if you don’t have dental insurance and meet our income guidelines, call 802-479-1229 and make an appointment to see Sam. She is currently seeing patients every Wednesday.

If you’d like to support this effort, or help expand the days we can offer it, please feel free to make a donation. Thank you!