How to Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart of our clinic. Call 802-479-1229 to volunteer or complete and mail this form. In addition to the health practitioners, many other community members volunteer at the Clinic. They help with patient files, data entry, filing, receptionist duties, appointment scheduling and follow-up, preparing snacks for volunteers, cleaning, watering plants, gardening, fundraising, distribution of fliers, mass mailings, and serving on our Board of Trustees and Clinic committees. If you can give even a couple of hours a month—we need you! Join the other generous professionals in our community who donate their services to our patients. We provide an excellent orientation and case management services to support you. Call us at 802-479-1229 for more information. Medical and nursing students also volunteer here as part of their studies, collaborating with our Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner/Case Manager, and learning first-hand what it means to serve in the community.

Our 2018 Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart of our free clinic model. Without their generous donation of time and expertise, our clinic would not exist. On behalf of the staff and patients of the clinic, we want to say thank you to all who volunteered in 2018.


Kenneth Borie, DO
Patti Fisher, MD
Kris Jensen, MD
Dick Katzman, MD
Terry Naumann, MD
Lucy Patti, MD
Josh Plavin, MD
Allan Ramsay, MD
Craig Sullivan, MD
Don Weinberg, MD
Mark Yorra, MD
Bernie Noe, ND Referrals

Nurse Practitioners/Women’s Health

Loretta Charles, NP
Maureen Harkin, NP
Claire Lindberg, NP
Genell Mikkalson, CNM
Maria Puglisi, FNP

Psychiatrists and Counselors

Anne Campbell, PhD
Ken Matzner
Scott Stone, MD
Jonathan Weker, MD
Linda Wulff, APRN
Alan Zaur, MD


Tyler Avery, LPN
Paul Capcara, RN
Wendy Dallamura, RN
Geoff Farnum, RN
Cecile Gendron, RN
Desiree Kirtlink, RN
Lori Knowlton, RN
Deb Pinard, RN
Addie Soule, RN
Rick Wade, RN
Goldie Watson, RN


Travis Beto, LAc
Allison Jacob, LAc

Massage Therapists

Carey Kimball, MT
Rebecca Riley, MT
Claire Haskell, MT

Additional Movement/Bodywork Therapists

Cheryl Conner, Reiki
Brooke Haslam, DC
Paul Erlbaum, Feldenkrais
Colleen Wilford, PT


Dottie Cadorette
Cameron O’Connor
Debbie Jedinak
Lori Rathbone
Deb Robinson
Bonnie Smoren

Office, Mailing, Event, Garden

Jon Cherry
Sally Colman
Priscilla Fox
Maura Gates
Granite City Garden Club
Julie Halpert
Sarah Hooker
Ginnie Humphreys
Steve Larose
Lucinda McCloud
George Plumb
Jeanne Richardson
B. Rose
Nancy Schulz
Noah Sexton
Rebecca Sheppard
Sue Stukey

Board of Trustees

Susan Gretkowski, Berlin

Lucie Garand, Barre Town
Vice President

Sarah Lindberg, East Montpelier

Christina Goodwin, Worcester

Kenley Freeman, Plainfield

Paul Hill, Worcester

Steve Kappel, Montpelier

John LePage, Barre City

Bob Meany, Warren

Debbie Sanguinetti, RN, Berlin

Angela Shea, Montpelier

Rep. Tommy Walz, Barre City